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5 Day Root Skills Bushcraft

Learn and live with the  fundamental subjects of bushcraft & survival. Based from a typical Wilderness camp we shall guide you through a range of subjects, including fire by friction, plant-lore, trapping, shelter, basic woodcarving, fire management, water safety and much, much more. Throughout this course you will also have the opportunity to out into practise want you learn, whilst under the guidance of our expert instructors.

Maximum group size: 12

Minimum age: 18 or 16 if accompanied by an adult.

Available in Aberdeenshire and on demand for individuals and groups.

Established in 2003 we have a long established record in providing a range of fantastic Bushcraft, Wilderness Survival & Primitive Technology courses and training, for individuals, groups and military personnel.

Our headquarters, on the Eastern edge of the Cairngorm National Park in Scotland, is an ideal location for learning a range of Bushcraft & Survival skills - The Cairngorm National Park is the only wilderness environment in the UK and offers a range of different environments, excellent transport links and stunning wilderness views. We believe there is no better place for learning Bushcraft in the UK and we also have access to other great locations across the UK and in Norway & Sweden, where we run Winter and Arctic courses and expeditions.

Our Senior Instructor is a former Ray Mears ‘full Bushcraft instructor’, the only one in Scotland, and has been professionally teaching Bushcraft & Survival skills since 1999. He is considered as one of the most experienced Bushcraft & Survival instructors around, and is passionate about passing on his knowledge and skills.

Our experience and expertise has been called-upon to provide specialist training to military personnel and consultancy for a range of media's. We also provide demonstrations and lectures for Schools and Universities, and run and support Northern expeditions.

We are passionate about Bushcraft and teaching. We have experience and qualifications, in teaching and instructing, ranging back more than 20 years! We also have a friendly and highly professional approach to teaching.

Our teaching method is based on sound practical experience and in-depth knowledge. Therefore, we concentrate on firstly providing you with a high level of practical skills, which are backed-up by relevant knowledge. We then encourage you to put these new skills and knowledge into practice, while we continue to provide guidance, advice and support.

Our prices are highly competitive, while still providing you with a high quality service. As we wish to make Bushcraft accessible to as many people as possible, we aim to keep our prices affordable.

We specialise in Northern Bushcraft & Survival skills and Bespoke courses. Due to our high level of experience and knowledge, we are able to offer bespoke courses and training in a wide range of subjects, as well as specialist team-building and leadership events.

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2 Day Bushcraft Taster

An great starting point for anyone interested in the outdoors or camping, this course is an introduction into the fundamental subjects of Bushcraft & Survival. Covering a range of subjects from various fire-lighting methods,introduction to fire by friction, tool safety, shelters and much more….

Maximum group size: 12

Minimum age: 18 or 14 if accompanied by an adult.

Available in Aberdeenshire & Sussex and on demand!

Root Skills Bushcraft

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Bespoke Training & 1 Day Courses

If you require something more specific or specialised, for you or your group, then we can design training & courses to meet your exact needs. Covering a range of subjects over ½ day or more, this is an ideal option for those who wish to the subjects of their choice, or those who require a special event for parties and celebrations with a difference.

We also run 1 day workshops covering fire by friction, plant-lore, spoon-carving, tracking, axe use and much, much more

Please contact us with your requirements!

Available in Aberdeenshire & across the UK.

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Arctic Survival Norway

Arctic, Sami & Winter Expeditions

As specialists in Northern Bushcraft, we are proud to be able to provide unique courses in Norway and Sweden. These course provide a unique insight into Arctic and Winter skills, and are run along side the native Sami people of Northern Sweden. The sites we use include a reindeer farm in Sweden and a large cabin located in a remote part of Southern Norway.

No previous experience required.

Maximum group size: 12

Minimum age: 18 or 16 if accompanied by an adult.

These courses are run yearly and can be provide on demand.

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9 Day Advanced Bushcraft & Survival

Are you upto the challenge of putting your skills and knowledge to the test? This is a rare opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge. While living from the land in small groups, you will need to provide your own shelter, water, food and make fire by friction. But don’t fear as we shall build on your skills and advance your knowledge as we guide you on how to live comfortable in the wilderness.

Maximum group size: 9

Minimum age: 18 or 16 if accompanied by an adult.

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Arctic Survival Norway

Teambuilding & Leadership

Bring your team out of the Wilderness with our range of exclusive teambuilding events and specialist leadership training. Having spent more than 15 years bring strangers together, during our courses and expeditions, we have learnt how to bring the best out of people and create an effective and efficient working unit.

These events can be run over ½ day or more, and integrate a range of Bushcraft skills to improve, communication, planning, group dynamics, problem-solving, decision making and create a better working environment.

Available close to Aberdeen and throughout the rest of the UK, Norway & Sweden

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We also run a Family Course!

Expert  & Professional Tuition
Teaching Bushcraft  since 1999
Northern Bushcraft & Bespoke Training Specialists

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Glasgow Warriors Performance Training & Teambuilding

Below are some photos from a recent event we run for professional rugby team Glasgow Warriors. The event was held over two day an entailed a range of physically and mentally demanding activities.

This event provide the coaching staff with an opportunity to see the different characteristics of the team-members and identify individual and team weakness and strengths.

just one example the many